Babel - Call for Papers Special Issue

Text and Context reconsidered within the multimodal Framework

Text has been a challenging item in Translation Studies (TS). Does a literary translator refer to the same concept of text as a conference interpreter, a technical writer, a subtitler, a localiser, a journalist? Context is also an ambiguous concept since we can find as well in TS macro-/micro-context, situation, setting, in situ, environment, landscape, location, zone, reality, nature, etc. Morevoer, the translation of multimodal disembodied texts (combining images, sound and written language) is today a growing field of activity in our digital culture. Translation occurs in the film and videogame industries, in theatre and opera, in live performances and events, and on the internet (websites, Html texts) but it is also found in all kinds of communicative situations involving accessibility-enhancing processes. This has opened up new horizons concerning the very concept of translation and has created new concrete areas of interest and investigation, such as localization, transmodal translation, fansubbing, transadaptation/transcreation, transediting, multilingual text production, etc. Is there a common notion of text and context in all the new translation practices?

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