European Language Industry Survey 2022

ELIS focuses on the industry trends, expectations and concerns of a wide range of language industry stakeholders, including language service companies, independent language professionals, training institutes with translation and interpreting-related training programmes, language departments in private companies, public administrations, and language service buyers.

This year there are several changes to the survey designed to make it more attractive to our audience:

  • The Survey is now hosted on its own dedicated website. This website will be used every year from now on for the survey.
  • We've changed the survey tool (from Google Forms to EU Survey). EU Survey is more user-friendly. It means respondents can now choose which bits of the survey they want to fill in (just the core questions or also specific topics they may be interested in). And most importantly...
  • The Survey is now available in several languages meaning it should be much more attractive to individual translators and interpreters.

The results of the survey overall will be presented at a special webinar in March.

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