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FIT Europe: Gender-neutral language: why language professionals should care

6 October 2022, 18:00 CEST, Online

How does gender-neutral language impact us as meaning creators ? What role can professional associations can play?
The question of gender identity and sexuality has been gaining visibility in many parts of the world in recent years, raising awareness about the relationship between power, language, and recognition. In the quest for inclusion, people have begun developing different linguistic, cultural and political strategies to identify and name themselves.
The world is no longer binary, and languages now reflect that. Laws protecting LGTBIQ+ rights are being passed in many countries. Content producers are increasingly aware of gender neutrality and non-binary language, and sooner or later we will have to face the challenge of translating texts by or about gender non-conforming people.
By looking at how four different languages are encoding this “new” reality, we will reflect on how it impacts our job as meaning creators and cultural mediators, and about what role professional associations can play in this regard.

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FTI: Short course Intralingual Subtitling

16 and 23 November 2022, online

The demand for subtitling is steadily increasing worldwide. National and international (legal) requirements for accessibility in the public sector, together with the private sector’s interest in making information in videos available to a wider audience, are the driving forces behind this development.
Intralingual subtitles also allow improved text information retrieval in relation to modern search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEA).
However, there is often a lack of theoretical, and especially practical knowledge of video subtitling. In our two-day workshop, you will not only learn about audiovisual translation, but also how intralingual subtitling, i.e., subtitling projects within the same language, can be successfully implemented for target groups in varying contexts.

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FTI: Short course Interlingual Subtitling: Technology – Quality – Beyond

30 November 2022, online

Audiovisual translation is becoming increasingly important in the translation market. More and more public and private companies are subtitling their video content in order to reach a global audience.
Aimed at participants already working in the language industry with different language combinations, this introduction offers insights into the practical work of interlingual subtitling not only for translation professionals, but also for accessibility and media experts, enabling them to enhance their media content.
In addition to theoretical and practical knowledge for cross-lingual subtitling, this course will shed some light on the use of current technological developments.

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FTI: Technologies de la traduction, post-édition et révision: méthodes et outils

Avril-octobre 2022

Ce cours propose un panorama des méthodes et outils employés pour garantir la qualité dans le processus de traduction, en mettant l’accent sur l’intégration des technologies dans les compétences professionnelles. Il se compose de quatre modules : mémoires de traduction; gestion de projet et assurance qualité; terminotique ; révision et post-édition. Il combine des introductions théoriques avec des ateliers pratiques adaptés au profil des participant-es.
Inscription au programme complet avant le 25 mars 2022. Il est également possible de s’inscrire ponctuellement à certains modules ou certaines journées.

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Les membres ASTTI bénéficient d’une réduction de 10% pour cette formation.