The FIT Europe slogan campaign #GettingYouUnderstood is now ready to launch.

The details of the campaign, including guidelines for creating visuals in languages other than English, the ready-to-go visuals for English, and the visuals themselves to be used for other languages, are available on Google drive.

We would appreciate it if you could distribute the visuals to your members and encourage them to spread them far and wide - especially beyond the narrow confines of our translation and interpreting world.
The visuals may be used on any media and in any situation that will promote our professions and increase awareness among non-linguists of the benefits translation and interpreting bring to society. They may be used as often as you wish.
We are asking our member associations to decide on the translation of the texts into the language(s) of your country.
The main slogan GettingYouUnderstood should remain in English on all visuals. Details are provided in the information file.