FIT-Survey: How COVID-19 is impacting independent translation and interpreting professionals

FIT Europe, represented by Annette Schiller and John O’Shea, took part in a webinar on Friday, 17 April to present some of the findings of the main European Language Industry Survey and the follow-up survey FIT Europe conducted on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the translation and interpreting professions.

The COVID-19 survey

The COVID-19 survey ran for one week (from 27 March to 3 April). 1,036 independent language professionals from 29 European countries and 18 other countries responded. The survey was short with just 5 core questions and a couple of follow-up questions.

It was designed to take the pulse of the market and get a snapshot of how the pandemic had impacted the translation and interpreting sectors at that point in time.

Findings of the Survey

Take part in the new survey (deadline: 24 April)